Our Staff

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Hello, my name is Jill. I have been a part of the Clayton Valley Orthodontics family since 1980. I am primarily the bookkeeper and financial coordinator, though I have worn many hats throughout the years. I enjoy watching the patients grow and feeling like we are making a difference in their lives. The smiles when our patients complete their treatment are priceless.


Hi there. My name is Sharron. I am a registered dental assistant and Dr. Ludwig's treatment coordinator. I have been very happily working at Clayton Valley Orthodontics since 1992. Our office is a very fun office to work in! I truly love working with our patients, enhancing their smiles, and helping to correct their dental/orthodontic issues. A side benefit is that our team gets to meet and know some really great people over the years: our fantastic patients!


Hi, my name is Bernadette. I have been working at Clayton Valley Orthodontics since 2007. I am a registered dental assistant. I also work in the lab, where I make a lot of the appliances used in the office. I love my work here. I especially love seeing all of our patients. It is an honor to serve our patients knowing that at the end of their treatment they will have a beautiful smile; one that I helped to make. I love to make our patients smile.


Hello my name is Rachel. I have been working at Clayton Valley Orthodontics since 2010 and love what I do. I was drawn to the specialty of orthodontics while I was in school to become a registered dental assistant. I enjoy the fact that we get to build a relationship with our patients because we have the privilege of seeing them regularly. I love watching our patients transform and become more confident with their appearance. It is a rewarding feeling to know that I help take part in this and I am a firm believer that a smile is the most important accessory a person can wear.


My name is Lauren. I have been working in dentistry since 1973 and in orthodontics since 1977. I began working at Clayton Valley Orthodontics in January of 1990. It is wonderful to see the patients as they grow up and it is always rewarding to see their smiles at the end of treatment.


Hi, my name is Jeannie and my title is office assistant. I have been a part of Clayton Valley Orthodontics for many years. My children were also patients here. I love the positive teamwork we share. It has been a blessing working here.